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The scope of work included the design of the exhaust duct between four plywood veneer dryers and a new RCO.  This duct was routed across the roof of the existing buildings which required extensive structural modification.

Dryer Exhaust Systems

These were “push-pull” systems with exhaust fans at each dryer and a large FD fan at the RCO inlet.  The design challenges included designing the ductwork in a way to balance the system with multiple fans, designing in a way that allowed adequate maintenance access, and providing for thermal expansion in the duct.

Structural Design

Extensive structural modifications were made to the existing building to support the new duct and to support maintenance platforms on the roof.  A structural analysis was performed of the existing building and columns were added in key locations to reinforce the frame.  In one location a truss was designed to fit under the existing building frame to reinforce it to carry the new loads.  New stair towers were designed to provide adequate access to the roof at both plants.  The scope also included the design of the foundations for the new RTO’s, fans, and structures.

WPS Industries provided all fabrication and installation services for these projects including the installation of the RTO’s.

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