WPS Industries

In 2013, the owners of WPS Industries, Inc. and Eagle’s principle directors Jeremy Clark and William Meyers created Eagle Project Services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of WPS, Eagle functions as an independent firm and also as the project services division of WPS Industries. Eagle’s shared history with WPS is experienced, vast and diverse.

WPS Industries has been a leader in industrial fabrication and construction services for over 35 years and has accumulated a long history of successful projects and a reputation for excellent service, quality, and integrity throughout the various industries it continues to serve.

Eagle Project Services

Based on our experience with numerous projects over the years, we recognized the need for a company that could provide a full spectrum of project services from concept to completion.  In order to meet this need and to provide the best possible service to our customers, Eagle Project Services was formed.  WPS migrated its engineering, project management, and construction management services under Eagle.

Eagle’s continued partnership with WPS enable’s Eagle to not only provide independent full service engineering services, but also provide fabrication and construction services all under one contract.