About Eagle Project Services

Eagle Project Services is a full service engineering, project management, and construction management firm formed with the goal of being able to provide our clients with the maximum value and flexibility in our approach to projects.  We are capable of providing everything from traditional engineering services to turn-key (Engineer, Procure, Construct) services.

Mission Statement

The mission of Eagle Project Services is to provide the best possible service to every client we serve by developing a teamwork mentality between Eagle, the owner, suppliers and contractors so that every decision is made with the overall good of the project in mind.

Core Values

Eagle Project Services was founded on the core values of Integrity, Focus, and Commitment.  We firmly believe that being true to these core values will build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and enable Eagle to provide the best possible engineering, fabrication and construction experience.

Integrity:  Our goal is to act with integrity in every facet of business as well as our personnel lives.  Trust is something that is hard to earn and easy to lose.  In order to earn and maintain the trust of our clients, business partners and employees we will strive to always be honest and transparent with everyone with whom we do business.  We recognize that the integrity of the company is rooted in the ethical conduct of every member of the team and will therefore work to encourage the highest ethical standards for every individual.

Focus:  The success of every project requires attention to detail at every step along the way.  We must stay focused on the best interest of our clients and the good of our team members in order to make every project successful.

Commitment:  We are committed to developing long term relationships with our clients and developing an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation with all parties involved in each project.  We are committed to providing the best possible service to every client and exercising due diligence on every project whether large or small.


In 2013, the owners of WPS Industries, Inc. and Eagle’s principle directors Jeremy Clark and William Meyers created Eagle Project Services.  As a wholly owned subsidiary of WPS, Eagle functions as an independent firm and also as the project services division of WPS Industries.  Although technically a young company, Eagle’s shared history with WPS is experienced, vast and diverse.

WPS Industries has been a leader in industrial fabrication and construction services for over 35 years and has accumulated a long history of successful projects and a reputation for excellent service, quality, and integrity throughout the various industries it continues to serve.  WPS, for most of its history, has provided turnkey project services for its customers, however design and engineering services were mostly limited to projects that WPS was also fabricating and installing.   Based on our experience with numerous projects over the years, we recognized the need for a company that could provide a full spectrum of project services from concept to completion.  In order to meet this need and to provide the best possible service to our customers, Eagle Project Services was formed.  WPS migrated its engineering, project management, and construction management services under Eagle.  Immediately staffed with experienced personnel and veteran leadership, Eagle is uniquely equipped to provide incomparable quality and service and build strong lasting partnerships with our clients.

Industries Served

Wood Products:  The wood products industry is where the historical roots of Eagle Project Services are grounded.  The owners and managers of Eagle have grown up working in various wood products facilities.  To this day, the bulk of our work is in the wood products sector with a heavy emphasis on panel board plants.

Chemical:  Eagle Project Services as well as our staff members have experience with projects in a variety of chemical plants.  We have worked in everything from carbon black production plants to resin plants.

Pulp & Paper:  Our staff has a significant background in performing projects in pulp and paper mills across the United States.